It might be a different style of excavation to the jobs we normally tackle, but this excavation story caught our eye nonetheless.

The story starts last year with the discovery of a former Tasmanian convict site on private land in Kings Meadows. The land was being developed for residential use at the time.

The City of Launceston initially rejected the call for further investigations into the site, but late last year the site was nominated for a Heritage listing and further investigations are ongoing.

Quoted in The Examiner, City of Launceston general manager Michael Stretton, said council was working with Tasmanian Heritage and the landowner to understand the significance on the site. He was unable to give a timeframe or comment on funding.

The Kings Meadow Convict Station was constructed in 1837 and housed more than 150 convicts and military personnel within its 40 by 40 metre walls. Abandoned in 1840, the site has then been in private hands since 1854.

Significant discoveries at the site include:

  • A brick reservoir
  • Stable and milking shed
  • Horse Shoes
  • A chimney base
  • Pieces of ceramic that pre-date 1840
  • A felt hat

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