Digging dam sites is just one of the professional earthmoving services offered by UTE Earthmoving. However, the process of dam construction is often misunderstood, so we thought we’d write this blog post to shed some light on the topic. With over 10 years of experience in the excavation industry, including dam construction, it’s fair to say we know our stuff!

Dam Construction in Tasmania

All dams in Tasmania require a permit. If your proposed dam meets the criteria of a ‘“low-risk dam”,  it will be subjected to a very simple permitting process. However, farm dams that don’t meet the low-risk criteria are considered high risk and will have to undergo a full application, assessment and permitting process. The Tasmanian government has published a  farm dam construction factsheet outlining the specific criteria of low-risk and high-risk dams.

Importantly, all proposed dams, whether low risk or high risk, must be assessed by a consultant or dam engineer to determine the dam safety category. Once the dam safety category has been determined, a dam contractor can be consulted to begin construction of the dam.

Who Should Dig Your Dam Site?

Dam Contractors in Tasmania must follow the requirements of the dam permit and the Dam Works Codes. Each type of dam has an associated code outlining the minimum construction standards that must be complied with. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a dam contractor with experience. UTE Earthmoving has over 10 years of excavating experience and understand the importance of attention to detail when it comes to dam construction. We ensure all environmental standards, design standards and construction standards are adhered to. If you are building a farm dam in Austins Ferry in Southern Tasmania, or anywhere else in the state, contact UTE Earthmoving today. We will arrange a site inspection at a convenient time for you and get your dam construction project underway.