All houses begin with a foundation. But before the slab can be laid, excavation work is required. Excavation for foundation works requires accuracy as any errors, even minor increases or decreases in the width or depth of the footings will alter the amount of concrete required. Here’s how the excavation process for foundation works.

Excavating For Foundations – How It Works

Construction always begins with block clearing. Before excavating for foundations, a block of land must be completely clear of plants, vegetation and obstructive trees.

After the land has been suitably cleared, excavation for footings, which act as guide rails for the floor plan, can begin. The appropriate excavation method is chosen based on the following factors:

  • Type of material to be excavated
  • The soil’s moisture content
  • Presence of groundwater
  • Underground essential services
  • Any traffic near the excavation site
  • Any other construction in the vicinity already underway

Foundation Works in Tasmania

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